How are Pablo Software Solutions orders processed?

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How are Pablo Software Solutions orders processed?

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For payment processing we're using the services of Emetrix, ESellerate and PayPal.
These are professional eCommerce companies that accept all major credit cards and some of them also accept a check or money orders. All payment methods are 100% secure!

After choosing one of the payment methods you must enter your personal details like name, email address and creditcard number.
1. Use a valid email address!
2. Use an email address that does not block external email messages (check your spam settings!)
Once you've completed the order forms, you will receive a confirmation from either eMetrix, eSellerate or PayPal.
This confirmation email is normally send within minutes. If not, please check you spam/bulk email.
In case you choose eMetrix or eSellerate you will receive a link to download the software you've purchased in this confirmation email.
PayPal orders are processed manually, so it might take a few hours before your receive the software.
3. Pablo Software Solutions will also send a confirmation email within 24 hours with important information about support and updates.

More information about eMetrix: or

More information about eSellerate: or

More information about PayPal: