QnE FTP Server Trouble Shooting Guide. Read this first!

Frequently Asked Questions about Quick 'n Easy FTP Server
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QnE FTP Server Trouble Shooting Guide. Read this first!

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Here are some usefull tips to get you started:

1. The first thing you need to do is launch the FTP Server Setup Wizard.
Select Server->FTP Server Setup Wizard from the menu.
Follow all steps of the wizard. If you have a router it might be a good idea to start with configuring just one passive mode port. To do this enter:
20 - 20 as port range.
2. Read this topic in the FAQ for more tips if your network is behind a router: http://www.pablosoftwaresolutions.com/s ... c.php?t=76
3. If you followed the suggestions above you have setup 2 ports on the server: ports 20 and 21. Now you'll need to forward/enable these ports on your firewall and/or router. Consult the manual of these products on how to do that. Unfortunately every product is different so I can't give you a guideline where to look or how to do it.
4. Create one or more user accounts.
5. Now it's time to see if the server works on the PC it's running on. Please use a regular FTP client (like FTP Wanderer, Cute FTP or FileZilla) to make connections to the server, so it will be easier to analyse the problem. IE is not the most reliable way to test FTP communication.
Enter the local IP address or as hostname.
6. For local connections disable passive mode.
7. Once you have it working on your local computer, the next step is to test it on another computer on your local network. Still no passive mode.
8. And at last you can try to access the server from an external computer. Now you must enable passive mode on the FTP client.

If you want to know more about passive vs active mode please read this:
http://slacksite.com/other/ftp.html (recommended reading!)

The FAQ can also be very usefull: http://www.pablosoftwaresolutions.com/s ... um.php?f=8

If you still didn't get it to work try to search the forum and see if someone else had the same problem, and learn how they solved it.

99% of the reported problems are related to an incorrect firewall/router configuration, so if it doesn't work at first that might be the first thing to verify.