Why didn't I get any reponse on the emails I've sent?

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Why didn't I get any reponse on the emails I've sent?

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These days sending email has become very unreliable :(
Sometimes users try to contact us through email, but when we reply (which we always do!!!), we'll receive a message from their spam filter that our reply has been blocked. As you can imagine it will be impossible for us to contact this users about this, because all our emails will be bounched back. Some users get very angry when they do not receive any replies on their message, but of course we can not do anything about it

This is one of the main reasons that we do not give support through email and you'll have to use this forum instead.

You might not be aware of it, but some ISPs even activate a spam filter on your email account! This is a very common reason why our emails will not reach you!

So if you are trying to send us a message, first try to use the forum.
If you really need to contact us by email, please disable your spam filter or use a reliable email server.