How do I setup the Mail Server?

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How do I setup the Mail Server?

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If you haven't used a Mail Server before, the Mail Server Setup Wizard can help you configure Quick 'n Easy Mail Server in a few simple steps. To start this wizard select Server->Mail Server Setup Wizard from the menubar.

If you're a more advanced user, you can access the full range of options via View->Configuration.
These are the needed steps to succesfully setup your Mail server:
1. Configure the POP3 and SMTP ports on which new connections are excepted. Normally these values should be set to there default values (POP3: 110, SMTP: 25).
2. Configure the location where the messages should be stored (Configuration->Mail Folder).
3. The mail server should have at least one domain to deliver mail to the local POP3 mailboxes.
For example: If the domain is '', emails like and are delivered locally.
All other unrecognized domains are forwarded to the appropriate mail server (if message relaying is enabled).
4. Enable message relaying (Configuration->Relay) if you want messages for non-local domains to be delivered to their associated mail server. You must enter a valid DNS server to enable the server to query for the correct mail server address. For more information about DNS server visit: ... php?t=1098
Consult the documentation from your ISP for the DNS server address.
5. Add one of more user accounts/mailboxes. Each user account will get it's own folder to store messages.
6. Configure your email client to send and receive messages.
Create a new account in your email client and enter the IP address of the server as the incoming mail server (POP3).
Enter the same IP address for outgoing email (SMTP). If you do not know the IP address of the server, select Help->What is my IP address? from the menubar.
The account name and password are the values you've entered in the User Account setup page.
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7. If your Mail server is behind a router and you want to access the server from a remote computer, you also have to configure this router so that it routes POP3/SMTP traffic to your PC. Consult the documentation of your router for more information.