MFC related sites:

Codeguru - The number one developer site!

The Code Project - Free source code and tutorials.

PJ Naughter's Home Page

Lots of MFC source code.


MFC extension library to create the advanced user interfaces.

DevCentral Tutorials: MFC

MFC Tutorials


Sam Blackburn's collection of MFC classes.

Visual C++ Ideas

Notes on MFC based solutions to simple and more complex problems.

MFC Professional

Lots of info about MFC (FAQ, Knowledge Base).

GUILib Toolkit

GUI Toolkit MFC Extension library.

Source code, articles and tutorials.

Softech Software

Visual C++ source codes for Windows 2000/NT/XP/9x/ME/CE.

UCanCode Software

Software components with full source code (XD++ MFC Class Library).



Programming Magazines:


MSDN Magazine

Microsoft’s Developers Magazine.

Windows Developer Magazine

Developers magazine specialized to Windows..

Dr.Dobbs Magazine

An other cool developers magazine.

Visual C++ Developers Journal

VC++ Developers Magazine.

PC Magazine

Computer Magazine that has pretty good programming articles.

C/C++ Users Journal

Magazine that specializes to C/C++.

Game Developer

Games related magazine.



Misc. Programming sites:



Utilities and source code related to Win9x/NT/XP internals.

Very useful site with lots of open source projects.



Links to Links:

Collection of very useful links.



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