What went wrong with a bad mail?

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Ruben Keestra
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What went wrong with a bad mail?

Post by Ruben Keestra » Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:47 am

Hi all,

I set up the mail server and all works well. But sometimes a mail to a good working mailaddress ends as a bad mail. What went wrong? I changed the timeout under the relaytab to 90 seconds to give the server a bit more time. What can I do to improve the server? I don't want to check after every mail if it ended in the badmail directory.
I just had to send a message 3 times. 2 went to the badmaildirectory and the third time it went well. All to the same address within 30 minutes. That is not a very good moyenne if you ask me.

Does QEMS try to send the mails later when they are in the badmail folder? Or is this the final mailgraveyard?

Thanks for the info,

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Post by admin » Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:00 pm

No, the email will not be re-send again.
If the sending the email fails, it's usually caused by an error in the DNS lookup. In that case the mailserver for a specific email cannot be found.
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